Design Sponge - Filler in Toronto

Emily Filler in a colourful nest

From Design Sponge - Words by Garrett Fleming —  August 8 2019

Stroll around Toronto’s expansive Riverdale community and you’ll uncover fantastic schools, a collection of eclectic neighbors and rows of charming homes. Spend enough time there, and you may even come across a house that stands out by blending in.

Camouflaged by a collection of “dazzling, multicolored green, glazed brick” and set back from the street, the 1960s-era house belongs to jewelry designer Amy Bond and her husband Trevor, a realtor. And its newfound sheen comes courtesy of a painstaking renovation. Since 2017 the pair has overseen the addition of an upper floor, fully gutted the kitchen and bathrooms, decorated the space with a vibrant assemblage of artwork and wrapped it in new landscaping.

The overhaul was quite extensive, so the couple cleverly divvied up tasks to keep things running smoothly. Trevor kicked things off by developing the overall floor plan and design of the home. He spent hours on the construction site, examining the ways in which natural light interacted with the space and measuring (and then remeasuring) the walls. More importantly, he kept an eye out for how best to optimize the house for himself, his wife, and their two young children. This meant, for example, gaining an understanding of Amy’s work as a jeweler and how he could develop the perfect at-home studio for her.


With a floor plan in place Amy was able to swoop in and oversee finishes, tile, flooring and lighting. Her most-memorable touch, though, is her mastery of the home’s aforementioned brick exterior. Using an Illustrator file Trevor set up for her and six different shades of green brick, she thoughtfully distributed the hues across the facade to ensure she perfectly captured the camouflaged look she and her husband envisioned. “The new house is like a culmination of years and years of planning,” Trevor tells us. Scroll down to see how it all came together, and enjoy! Garrett

Photography by Dave Rempel