Nisha Magazine, 2016

Elisabeth Lecourt

from Nisha Magazine - Words by Ravit Harari , 2016

From the series "Demographic Dresses", 2016, Map of London, 59x84 cm Photograph courtesy of the artist
The work of the French artist Elisabeth LeCourt, who lives and works in London, deals with the vulnerability of the human body and the feminine in particular, and the fragility of human existence. In the series of "geometric dresses" with which she is identified, she creates with hand, through meticulous folds of paper, beautiful dresses in childish sections from maps of ancient and new geographical locations - a map from the 14th century of Sir Francis Drake's travels to London His right hand. Kurt finds poetic charm on maps, which, while detailed and accurate, can be misleading, and often take a political stand against different territories and thus affect the perception of reality. She sees her dresses as "human portraits, a kind of master plan of the human soul," as maps depict a master plan of the universe, and seek to mark and expose unknown territories.



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