ArtMail meets with Chad GOEI

Chad Goei — A photographer, graphic designer and artist 

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Goei works with a multitude of mediums, but his signature style featuring pale palettes and geometric influences is always present. We were first drawn to Goei through one of his elegant paintings on wood. The hard lines and geometric shapes were a welcome contrast to the natural and complex wood grain. Following is a short interview with Goei about his life and how it influences his art.

What hardships have you experienced in your life?

Up until this point I feel like I’ve had very few actual hardships, aside from the things that come with being human, and from being different.  I’ve been very lucky and I wouldn’t be answering honestly if I didn’t say so.  That said, hardships still come, even if rooted, as they often are, in the best things about life.  Which actually leads me to your next question.

What was one event that you saw as a turning point or that defined who you are today?

I lost my father unexpectedly in 2012 to antibiotic resistance after a month-long battle in the ICU.  The lessons that come from losing someone so foundational in my life, learning, experience — existence! — will thankfully never end.  That is one thing, among many that I have learned so far.  A life well-lived is a lesson that cannot die. 

What drives you to create today?

Honestly, I don’t really know.  Curiosity I think. I definitely have a thirst for new or unique knowledge & insight, and I’ve always done best when self-taught.  I think art is self-teaching in it’s purest form, that’s what keeps me active.  I’m much more productive seeking knowledge in my own way. 

How do you overcome your fears?

I suppose the biggest thing I do is try to frame fear correctly.  Many fears are irrational by definition, in that we’re only afraid because we don’t know something — so then how could we know to be afraid?  I think recognizing this is a big part of repurposing that energy, which is ideally what we do. Fear is exciting, it forces our attention and our focus.  It stops time.  All the things that we work so hard to accomplish, yet often times specifically without its assistance.  This an optimists’ point of view, of course, as I do not experience crippling fear.  I see the unknown as an invitation, not as a limitation.  Fear shouldn’t stop us, it should keep us moving.

Words by ArtMail @artmailofficial

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