Interview with Ariele Rozowy

Ariele Rozowy and Opt'Art  

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"In 1979 Rosalind Krauss famously analysed the grid as a structure emblematic of modernity; a structure hostile to both narrative and discourse. Arièle Rozowy's work frees the grid from its modernist shackles and thrusts its into contemporary life. Shadows, circles, and bright colours complicate the rigidity of the grid, and question the framework we once knew." Caitlin Law.

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From geometrical abstraction to kinetic art, mouvement, colour and light are keys elements in Arièle Rozowy's graphic work. She develops two series; Beyond Bars: colourful bars painted front and back to denounce 'the golden cage where stands women who didn't free their creativity despite all the fights and achievements from past revolutions', says Arièle. Her other series 'Elusive Circles' is turn to colour. 'The "last colour" is the shadow you can notice and is essential to her work. First you are drawn to the colours, then the emptiness and shadows can only play if the viewer is active', she adds.