Comission an artist


How does it work? 4 easy steps to know more about working with us:

  1. Our artists are available for commissioning in their style should you need something in a specific size or for a unique environment.

  2. Contact us to tell us more about your idea & project and we will liaise with the artist, all together to make sure your artwork can come to life.

  3. Once you have approved the sketch, the artist begins to work and we send a picture for you to see the work before making few amendments if needed.

  4. There will be a 50% deposit to take when the sketch is approved & the balance upon completion of the work.

    We ship the artwork to its new home

    Life has better taste with art !



What if Instagram had always existed?
She will create the tribute to your favourite artist. Through her extensive researches she finds the accurate comments from the poets, journalist, collectors or other artists living at the same time as the one she portrays.
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happiness commande.JPG


Happiness - commissioned in May 2019

53160290_580448445755269_1206303356776087552_n copy.jpg


The most talented artist working with resin. She will create the perfect abstract painting you need for your space.



Boy outfit commissioned with the map of Miami & Palm Beach - Florida in January 2019.



Urban art in your home.



Abstract art - oil and pastel on canvas.