Homo Faber (Der Schaffende Mensch)

Alex F. - Kahn Gallery
Alex F. - Kahn Gallery

Homo Faber (Der Schaffende Mensch)



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Title in English: 'Homo Faber (Creating  human)' 
Collage on black canvas, acrylic, gouache, pastel colours , pigments
80 x 120 cm
31 x 47 inches

Unique piece

After: left: detail of a mosaic-floor, 4th century Anno Domini, Basilika of Santa Maria Assunta at Aquilei
middle: detail of a fresco at the Callixtus-Catacombs, 3rd century Anno Domini
right: detail of a mosaic of a apsis vault at Sant´ Apollinarein Classe close to Ravenna, 6th century Anno Domini